ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals are Vital for Any Plant, Any Animal.

* (Not just 4-legged creatures, but 2-legged ones, too)    

ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals

A branded product, ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals contain 77 colloidal minerals and fulvic acid. That content not only regenerates optimum soil and plant health, but also has been used as a popular and beneficial dietary supplement for animals and for humans and their pets.

Its ingredients are organic acids, nitrogen, iron, sulfur, manganese, copper and zinc amino acids, plus 70+ macro and micro-organic plant-derived minerals, commonly known as Fulvic Acid.

The nature of these products exceeds any other growing aids available today, including organic and chemical-based fertilizers. While working better than conventional fertilizers to aid plant health, they also regenerate the growing media by promoting and sustaining health for future generations of plants.

These organic amendment products contain the highest known concentration of plant-derived mineral nutrients and organic acids required for complete soil and plant health.

ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals are a purified, concentrated colloidal solution with all the organic acids, minerals and natural amino acid chelates to give plants a boost of energy through the soil or their leaves with foliar spraying.

The minerals helps plants increase their natural sugar content so they can fight disease and pests. The product is widely used in growing vegetables, herbs, medicinal herbs, fruit trees, sprouting barley or other seeds, indoor and outdoor houseplants, bonsai trees, orchids and date palms. 

This product is valuable for any living organism,
plant and animal.

Human Nutrition

For animals—even the two-legged kind, nutrition experts and proponents testify that minerals have the power to:

Rejuvenate the Body

Help Form Color Pigments

Strengthen the Nervous System

Help Control Blood Sugar

Boost Immunity to Illness

Help Cope With Stress

Provide Energy

Grow New Hair

Normalize Heart Beat

Help in Building Memory

Overcome Fatigue

Help Vision

Heal Open Cuts or Wounds Faster by Using as a Topical Dressing

The Fine Print: And, of course, as with other holistic/alternative treatments and supplements, these claims have not been endorsed of reviewed by the FDA. Read the rest here ... *

So, if you are continually feeling ill or weak, you should look closely at boosting your nutritional intake.

They can do all this because minerals are conductors of every living organism's electrical current, vital for all body functions. They act as catalysts and activators of most nutrients, including vitamins.

Those vitamins you take cannot function properly without minerals. Minerals are building blocks of hormones and other chemicals of the body. The pH and pressure of body fluids are balanced with the proper and dynamic movements of minerals. Minerals are necessary for the proper digestion and assimilation of our foods. They help the body keep its internal balance.

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Why Minerals?

 * Disclaimer: (from above) ... In fact, all the content of our website pertaining to human health conditions and suggesting treatment is for informational purposes only and not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. While we make every possible effort to make sure the information presented is accurate, that it has been confirmed through recognized experts and practitioners of holistic, alternative treatments, we cannot be held responsible for any damages that may result from the use or the misuse of the information or the product that the information describes. You are invited to conduct your own research and determine the validity of these statements and viewpoints. Despite that, any statements made about this product have not been, nor probably will ever be, reviewed by the FDA. (Please understand, we have to say this.)

Grow Plants Without Soil

This palm cutting grew and rooted in three weeks.


A tablespoon a day, straight out of the bottle, mixed with a favorite juice, or sprinkled on food, is a standard dosage. Small containers of ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals are packaged in personal- or family-sized squeeze bottles for convenience in taking this rich supplement.

Another method is to squeeze on a teaspoonful or tablespoonful on your food when preparing meals. Or, add a few drops in your cups of tea or coffee. Add some to your soup or salad. You could include a daily dosage in your morning juice.

You'll be surprised at the taste enhancement and at the nutritional boost to food, which probably contains fewer minerals and nutrients than you might expect.

ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals are available in 4 ounce, 8 ounce personal-sized squeeze bottles, gallon containers, and, by special order, in 5-gallon containers and purified 55-gallon containers.

Plant Nutrition

This liquid can also be used as a soil conditioner from full strength to a 50:50 solution with water.

It can also be applied directly to maturing and mature plants for near-immediate results.

Dilute at the rate of 1 part ReGen 77 to 10 parts water. Spray on and under the leaves, fully covering with a light wetting. Apply early morning or evening to avoiding strong sunlight and faster nutrient uptake. Repeat application every 2-3 wks depending on the plant nutrition and growing needs. A daily application consists of a dilution of 1:30, liquid mineral to water for strong impact. To enhance seed germination, spray-coat the seeds before planting.


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