Regenerate Soils and the Health of Plants that Grow Within Them.

ReGen 77 Liquid Humic Acid contains from humates—vital to soil and plant health.

Penetrates and Goes to Work Immediately.

ReGen 77 Liquid Humate is the liquid equivalent of ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner.

It is a rich and organic liquid humic acid specifically for use on trees, ornamentals, vegetables, and turf.

Use it to get your plants off to their best start by applying this product to your soil when germinating seeds or transplanting seedlings.

ReGen 77 LH is especially effective in soils with low organic matter and/or high salt content. Because it is liquid, ReGen 77 LH penetrates its carbon humate deep into the soil. It is completely absorbed into the soil and goes to work immediately.

Treat your entire lawn and garden with one easy-to-use product! Don't mess around with bags of fertilizer, lime, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals... when you can easily and simply create healthy, natural soil with a single product!

If your soil DOESN'T grow thicker and richer... if your lawn and plants DON'T flourish like they never have before... and if your fertilizer and watering bills DON'T drop dramatically... simply show us. We'll refund your complete purchase price -- no time limit, no questions asked.

It is compatible with most fertilizer products and easy to incorporate into your existing fertilization program. Easily applied with a hose end sprayer. Drip irrigation and conventional spray systems also can be used.

Directions for Use: Turf, Ornamentals, Gardens -- Initial application rate: 8 to 12 oz. Per 1,000 Sq ft. Then, apply monthly at a rate of 4 to 8 oz per 1,000 Sq. Ft. Dilute 40:1, water to ReGen 77 LH; or 1 gallon water with 4 ounces Regen 77 LH.

Trees: Drenching and deep root feeding. Dilute with water at a ratio of up to 40 parts water to 1 part ReGen 77; or, 4 ounces per gallon of water. Use at initial planting and then include as part of regular soil regeneration program.

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Grow Plants Without Soil

This palm cutting grew and rooted in three weeks.

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