ReGen 77 Products are Great for Soil, Plant, and Animal Health*.

Use them to regenerate soil and grow vibrant, healthy plants. ReGen 77 products contain 77 minerals from humates—vital to soil and plant health.

* (Not just 4-legged creatures, but 2-legged ones, too.)      

Grow Plants Without Soil

ReGen 77 products are processed from naturally-occurring minerals that have been composting for more than 75 million years. They are organic products.

Three types are available:

Branded products, ReGen 77 are derived from humic shale found in the western U.S. The formation of this humic shale deposit occurred when there was no pollution, when plants were their most luxuriant, and when soils were their richest in nutrients.

The U.S. Department of Interior determined that this deposit is from the Cretaceous Period, 60-127 million years old. The minerals were preserved by a unique set of geological circumstances, possibly from a volcanic eruption, covering the deposit by 20 to 30 feet—enough to protect the deposit; yet, not enough to cause excessive heat and pressure to create coal, oil, or alter the form of the minerals.

A hard bed of clay at the bottom allowed the minerals collect and stop them from leaching. Analysis shows this deposit contains more than 70 minerals. The humus never petrified or fossilized. Thus, it never became rock; but just compressed and dried prehistoric “plant compost” that contains large amounts of plant-derived minerals.

This humic shale can be ground into a fine powder and soaked in filtered spring water until it reaches a specific gravity of 3.0, availing 38 grams of purified, plant-derived colloidal minerals per liter. The liquid extract of this high-grade humic shale contains plant-derived colloidal minerals, minerals in a form that are 100% available to animals and humans.

The organic farming community has used these 100% natural growing aids for the past 15-25 years with impressive results.

ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals are a purified, concentrated colloidal solution with all the organic acids, minerals and natural amino acid chelates to give plants a boost of energy through the soil or their leaves with foliar spraying.

The minerals helps plants increase their natural sugar content so they can fight disease and pests. The product is widely used in growing vegetables, herbs, medicinal herbs, fruit trees, sprouting barley or other seeds, indoor and outdoor houseplants, bonsai trees, orchids and date palms. 

This product is valuable for any living organism, plant and animal.

ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals are available in 4 ounce, 8 ounce personal-sized squeeze bottles, gallon containers, and, by special order, in 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon barrels.

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The ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner is a granular product derived from concentrated humic shale.

The granular conditioner is organic and contains 45% Humic Acid, 1.5% Sulfur, 2.5% Iron and 70+ Macro and Micro-Organic Plant Derived Minerals.

When applied it immediately becomes active in soils. It is water soluble, non-toxic and helps cultivate friendly and beneficial soil bacteria. ReGen 77 can be applied any time of the year. It is a branded product that is OMRI listed by our producer.

Available in convenient reusable and re-closable one- and two-pound jars and in pails from 1 to 42 lbs and, by special quotation, one ton totes.

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This palm cutting grew and rooted in three weeks.

This palm cutting grew and rooted for transplanting in just three weeks in a solution of ReGen 77 Liquid Minerals and water, contained in Water Crystals.


ReGen 77 Liquid Humate is the liquid equivalent of ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner.

It is a premier liquid humic acid designed specifically for use on trees, ornamentals, vegetables and turf.

ReGen 77 LH is especially effective in soils with low organic matter and/or high salt content. Because it is liquid, ReGen 77 LH penetrates its carbon humate deep into the soil.

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